Ultrasonic therapy is widely used in physiotherapy treatment across all muscles, tendons or ligaments to relieve pain. Ultrasonic generates mechanical vibration generating sound frequencies which in turn makes molecular vibrations in tissues generating heat. Product specifications include : LCD Display for power intensity 1 MHz frequencies.



SPT Seetaphysiotech Physiotherapy Ultrasound Therapy Unit (1 MHz) Digital (Continuous & Pulse)

Technical Specifications:

Ultrasonic nominal Frequency   : 1 MHz
Ultrasonic Output                          : 15Acousstic Maximum Ultrasonic power density mode
Operation                                         : 2.2 watts/cm2 Continuous and of pulsed mode.
Pulse ratios                                      : 1:1, 1:4, 1:7, 1:10
Treatment time                               : 0 to 6 Minutes
Timer                                                 : Electronic timer 0to 99 minutes with digital display
Display                                              : Digital displayS


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