SPT Lasermed product range comprises two device that differ in the number of output:1 output of lasermed 2100 automatic setting of treatment time in accordance with power supplied and scanning area selected transmitting power set in accordance with the treatment time and scanning area selected. supplied with MLA1-25 probe.




Laser medium: Ga IAS –semiconductor terminal laser

Output power 500 mw

Predominantly laser output wave length: 810mm

Probe indication light wavelength: 650mm

Ambient temperature: 50~400c

Relative humidity :< 80%q

Technical specifications:

Laser beam class: 3B

Laser type: semiconductor GaAs

Modes of operation: continuous pulse up to 5 kHz

Wave length: 650mm

Maximum probe power: 500mw

Power density: 0.8w/cm2

Beam surface: 0.025cm2

Max energy within 1 min: 1.2joules


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