Interferential Therapy(Manual IFT)

SPT , Computerized Inter Ferential Therapy machine with Mid-frequency current makes it very attractive and free from analog knobs systems. It contains concept is completely soft touch unit. The circuit is based on Micro Processors based which different programs for different type of treatment applications Vision on digital I. F. T unit is an advance electro therapy requirment unit microcontroller circuit. 



TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION OF IFT :-Programmes: DIGITAL Display OPERATING FREQUENCY : 220 Volt AC/50 HzTherapy Modes: 4P, 4PV, 2P,Carrier Frequency: 2Khz, 4khz.Base: 0-150Hz, Sweep: 0-100Hz,Output Current : 0-100mA,Timer: 0-99 Minutes,Technical Specifications of Muscle Stimulator : Interupted Galvanic Output                    : 0 to 90 V. Pulse width 1 and 100 msSurge Faradic Output Frequency          : 0 to 90 V . Continously adjustable Technical Specifications of Tens Unit : Output Channel                         : 2Frequency                                 : 10,30, 50, 70, 90, 110, 125, 135, 140, 150Hz

Optional Accessories: Carry Bag


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