interferential therapy unit ift machineInterferential therapy unit , ift , we make use of two medium frequency alternating these medium frequency currents are not identical & may differ in frequency up to 150 Hz. Two oscillator of frequency are generated & are cross widely applied to the body by means of four electrode pads. (CH1 & CH2)  channel with one pair of pads i.e 2Nos of pads. One oscillator has a fixed frequency of  4000 Hz the other ranges in the frequency between 3850 Hz both oscillator interfere i.e intersect inside the body resulting in a signal as a carrier & low frequency part ( the difference in frequency ) for the actual therapy. In simple words define the interferential therapy as when two medium frequency currents i.e CH1  & CH2 intersect with easy leading interference current to be generated at the place. For example , let us take two medium frequency current in CH1 =4000Hz & CH2 = can purchase  quality ift unit from SPT seetaphysiotech for pain relief.

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